Pro Keybind Tips For Fortnite

Mastering your key binds and finding the ones for you aren’t to difficult to do, all it takes is practise. But for those who can’t figure out any comfortable bindings we had a list of recommend binds to become a pro.

Don’t Use One Finger For Multiple Building Keys

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This tip is especially useful when deciding your building bindings. You want to use one finger for each building key you have, having two key binds bound to one finger can be very difficult use and will slow down your building speed and effectiveness. We would recommend building with your left index finger, left ring finger, left thumb and whatever side buttons you may have on your mouse. Using this tip will greatly increase how fast you learn to build and increase how fast your building is.

Use Any Mouse Buttons

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When choosing your bindings it’s really important to use the easiest keys to reach. For almost everyone, using mouse buttons are the easiest to hit because the thumb on the mouse has no job. Also, unlike the keys on the keyboard, your thumb doesn’t need to move away from the button because it only has one job. If you have two mouse buttons it’s tempting to use them both to build, but if you just use one then your thumb can just sit ready to hit the button. This will also greatly increase your building speed.

Don’t Feel Forced To Use The Numbers

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Using the number keys are very common, alot of pros are using number keys. Just because lots of people use these it doesn’t mean you need to as well. There are many many alternatives to numbers, like the scroll wheel up or down, tab, left shift, C, Z, X and some people even use keys like E and R for weapon slots. Try keeping your middle finger on W and hit the keys from 1 – 6. For some people the keys like 2 and 6 are uncomfortable to hit, just use any of the other keys mentioned before. This will help you swap to your weapons more easily and give you a better chance at winning.

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