Pro Ramp Rush Tips For Fortnite

When you see someone rushing you, and building the biggest ramp you’ve ever seen, you usually hide in a box and they kill you. The list of tips below will teach you how to master those ramp rushes, and show your opponent who’s boss.

Mastering The Basics

pro wall ramp rush

The most basic is going to be the ramp wall rush. This is done by placing a ramp and then putting a wall behind it. The wall provides a second layer of defence so your ramp doesn’t get shot down. Be careful though because the higher you go the easier it is for the enemy to just hit the ramp and miss wall. The ramp is basic but still useful when you trying to get high ground over your opponent. This Fortnite tip should increase your ramps strength and help you get high ground.

The Ramp Floor Wall Rush

fortnite wall ramp floor ramp rush

This is by far the most common ramp rushe people do in Fortnite, it’s also the most useful because it provides a more stable ramp than the previous one. This Fortnite rush is done by placing a ramp, then a floor underneath the ramp, and a wall behind the ramp. This will be the most effective in a game. This should improve your chance of getting high ground over your opponent and protecting the ramp from below to keep it secure.

Doubling Up The Ramp

double wall ramp floor ramp rush fortnite

You can double up almost any ramp rush you do in Fortnite. To double up a ramp simply place a ramp and another ramp beside it. You can make it easier by standing in between the two ramps while doing it. You don’t just have to double a normal ramp, you can double up any of the ramps previously mentioned, or, more advanced ramp rushes. This will double the protection you get from any ramp rush in Fortnite.

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