Fortnite Sniper Tips

Becoming a pro Fortnite sniper is not an easy task! It takes practise, precision and skill to consistently nail your sniper shots. The Fortnite sniper tips below will improve your sniper skills and turn you into a pro. The tips will give you the necessary skills to destroy your enemies. Read on and keep sniping!

Tip 1: Choosing A Sniper

fortnite heavy sniper rifle

Picking the most powerful sniper rifle Fortnite has to offer is always a good idea. When given the choice between the bolt action sniper rifle and the heavy sniper rifle, the go-to option is almost always the heavy sniper rifle. The only advantage of the current bolt action sniper rifle is it has a suppressor to keep it quiet; so if you’re into being stealthy the bolt action is a good option.

The advantages of the heavy sniper are amazing. In Fortnite the heavy sniper deals 150 damage for the epic variant and 157 for the legendary. The bolt however deals 100 damage for the epic and 105 for the gold. The heavy sniper is also better because it has less bullet drop than the bolt action. So the notches on it represent about 150m each. The heavy sniper also has the power to one shot any environmental or man made structure in Fortnite ranging from trees, to walls, to rocks, and even cars.

Tip 2 : Using The Notches On The Sniper’s Scope

Fortnite pro sniper distance measure

The notches on the snipers scope represent 125m each. You should never need to use the third notch because it shows 375m which is past max render distance. If you think they are in between 125m and 250m, no problem, just move your scope so the players head is in between the notches before you shoot. If your target is pretty close to you, there is no need to measure the bullet drop. Just move the crosshair an inch in front of the targets head for a clean shot. Just check how far away the target is, use the notches to line up the perfect shot and fire!

Tip 3: Get Ready To Swap To Your Assault Rifle From Your Sniper

Fortnite pro sniper changing weapon

Every time you take a shot with your sniper rifle, it’s EXTREMELY important to swap to your assault rifle to finish off the kill. Every Fortnite pro sniper you see is doing this, they line up their shot, take careful measurements, fire and swap to their assault rifle and finish off the kill. This is  a very useful tip. If you hit the targets body and knock off their shields, you can get out your assault rifle and finish them off. This is also good to prevent a third party stealing your kill before you can get it. You’ll find yourself killing a lot more players in Fortnite with this sniping tip, you’ll also be one step closer to being a pro sniper.

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