There are a selection of weapons to choose from in Hyper Dash. These weapons include the Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, Burst (Staples), Rockets, and Shocks. Each weapon has its ups and downs and they range in difficulty to use.


Pistols are the player’s default weapons. They will spawn in with them at the start of every game (with the exception of the scavenger mutator) and cannot get them back without dying after picking up another weapon. The pistols have a primary fire, regular bullets that are 4 shots to kill, and a secondary fire, charged shots activated by holding down on the triggers. The charged shots deal double damage and will bounce on walls up to 6 times. The pistols have 16 bullets each, charged shots will take up 4 bullets, however if you have less than 4 bullets in the gun you can still charge the pistols. The pistols are a powerful weapon and mastering them is essential.


Shotguns can be picked up in various locations throughout the map. They have 2 shots each which will fire a large spread of bullets. Due to the spread of bullets the shotguns are most effective up close to maximize damage.


SMGs can be picked up across the map. They have 30 bullets each and will fire a constant spray of bullets. They have a small amount of recoil for the first 5 bullets, the rest of the bullets have no recoil. SMGs are best used to lay down cover fire and are best used at medium to long range.


Bursts can be found in various locations on most maps. They have 8 bullets each and a fast fire and reload speed. They are best used up close to ensure maximum damage.


Rockets can be found on all maps. They can fire one rocket before reloading. Each rocket deals splash damage and are a 1 shot kill if they hit close enough to an enemy. The rockets can actually be curved as they are lazer guided. Simply shoot the rocket and hold down the trigger and there will be a red dot indicating where the rocket will try to go. Rockets are best used at medium to long range.


Shocks can be found on all maps. They have a primary fire, a lazer that takes 4 shots to kill, and a secondary fire, an explosive charge similar to a rocket but without the lazer guidance. The secondary fire is activated by holding down the triggers the same as the pistols, this uses 2 of the 10 bullets in the gun. Some players prefer shocks over rockets because they can be fired much quicker.


Snipers can be found on all maps. They deal heavy damage and a headshot is an instant kill. The sniper has a unique method of aiming, the weapon has a sight with a crosshair which needs to be lined up with the enemy. Snipers are most effective at long range as they are much less viable at close range due to the slow rate of fire.