Operators: Sledge

Sledge is a fragger, his main purpose is to play vertically above objective or an important area of the map. Use his breaching hammer to make holes above objective and pick people off as they run past. Or use his frag grenades to kill people hiding.

Load out

Sledges load out consists of the L85A2 (Assault Rifle Primary), M590A1 (Shotgun Primary), SMG-11 (Machine Pistol Secondary), and the P226 Mk 25 (Pistol). His unique gadget is the sledgehammer and he has a choice between either stun grenades or frag grenades. Sledge is a 2 speed and 2 armour operator.

sledge load out
sledge guns
sledge vertical
smg11 sledge

Playing Vertically

Sledges main role is to play vertically, use his Breaching Hammer to create holes in the floor above the objective, it’s important you make at least 3 of these holes so the enemy can’t tell which one you are peeking through. Use these holes to put pressure on a specific space and push people out of hiding. Sledge has frag grenades which are very useful for Sledge. Use the frags to force people to move into your line of sight or kill someone you know is hiding.

sledge is cool