Operators: Thatcher

Thatcher is a support, his main purpose is to support a hard breacher. Thatcher is equipped with EMP grenades that will take out all electronics in a certain range. He is often used to destroy Bandit’s shock wires or Kaid’s electroclaws.

Load out

Thatchers load out consists of the L85A2 (Assault Rifle Primary), M590A1 (Shotgun Primary), AR33 (Assault Rifle Primary), and the P226 Mk 25 (Pistol). His unique gadget is the EMP grenade (Thatcher has 3 EMP grenades). He also has a choice between either breaching charges or a claymore. Thatcher is a 2 speed and 2 armour operator.

Supporting Hard Breachers

Thatchers role is supporting hard breachers. Throw his EMP grenade at an electrified or jammed wall to destroy the electronics behind it. This will allow a hard breacher like Thermite, Hibanna or Ace to open it and make a pathway in. Use his claymore to watch something like a runout or his breaching charges to destroy a floor above objective much like Sledge.