Roles are the different jobs that a player has in each round. Knowing what role you are in is crucial in winning a round and the game.

Attacking Roles

Entry Fragger

The first role is the entry fragger. An entry fragger should usually make the initial breach into the map. Clearing out a path and section of the map for the support. A good team will often bring 2 entry fraggers, this is so if one dies the other can ‘trade’ them out. Once your entry fraggers have made a part of the map safe or controlled then you can bring the support players in to do their job.

Some examples of entry fraggers are: Sledge, Ash, Zofia, Buck, Jackal, Amaru, Blitz, Blackbeard and Iana.


The second attacking role is the support. The support have an important job and should be kept alive until that job is done. The main type of support is a hard breacher (Thermite, Hibana, and Ace). They open up walls and are crucial to pushing the objective. Some support (Like Thatcher) can destroy a gadget blocking a hard breach and anything else close by. A support should also help drone for entry fraggers at the start of a round to help roam clear.

Some examples of support are: Thermite, Hibana, Ace, Thatcher and Kali.

Defending Roles


The first defender role is the roamer. A roamer will usually use their utility on objective and then find a spot on the map away from the objective to hide or control. Often a roamer will flank the enemy team after they have breached into the map or objective. Teams usually have 1-2 roamers. Once you know where the enemy is and are starting to get pushed back you should rotate back to objective to prevent dying.

Some examples of roamers are: Caveira, Jäger, Vigil, Bandit and Ela.


The second defending role is the anchor. The anchors job is to lurk around the objective and hunt for people getting in. Having an anchor is essential because if someone sneaks into objective then you will have to attack it and then defend it. This also gives the opposing team a chance to hit you from 2 sides and ‘sandwich’ you. It is a good idea to have a roamer do a shallow roam (roaming in the rooms surrounding objective) to stop people getting in.

Some good examples of anchors are: Doc, Rook, Tachanka, Smoke, Mute, and Maestro.